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Throughout the United States we can find little historic communities and historic Victorian homes that reflect the time, attention to detail, and love of craftsmanship that went into building homes during that period. A common feature in the Victorian Style of home design is the utilization of decorative moulding. Crown moulding is the sculptured trim moulding that is normally applied to the wall where it meets the ceiling. For hundreds of years, the use of decorative moulding has been a mainstay in the building and restoration of homes. Decorative moulding is fairly easy to install if you are a do-it-yourselfer and the elegance that it ads is unparalleled. In fact, crown moulding adds charm and vitality to any space. Choosing the right moulding can transform the simplest room into a room full of character and warmth.

Charm aside, crown moulding installation happens to be one of the lowest cost investments with the highest dollar return that one can make in home renovation. This is appealing to many people especially in the current economic situation when buying or building a new home may not be the right time. While a new home may not be in your budget - a home renovation that will ad enjoyment to the home you're living in while increasing your home's value might be ideal, especially if you're thinking of selling your home down the road. Start with custom decorative moulding if you are interested in updating and upgrading your home or even a room. The addition of custom decorative moulding will help you achieve an elegant, unique and functional space that you will enjoy living in. Even if you decide not to modify door moldings or baseboards, the impact that crown molding alone can have on the appearance of a room is remarkable.

It's not always necessary to buy a new home to have a new home. By adding interior design ideas such as crown molding you can transform your house into a real show piece that is reminiscent of the detail, character, and craftsmanship of the Victorian Homes we all love and adore.

Whether you want to do-it-yourself, hire a professional team, NextDay Moulding will help you explore all of the decorative moulding options available to create just the right look. If you have a project that involves crown moulding, door and window trim, fireplace mantels, wainscoting, columns, or other decorative moulding, then you've come to the right website. Not only will we help you find the perfect moulding supplies for your job, but if you need help with ideas our Design Center will be there for you. Our Interior Design Center is a place where you can get inspired and let our Professional Staff assist you with the right selection of moulding or answer any crown moulding or Wainscoting questions you may have. We can pre-paint and pre-cope your materials allowing you to get the project done faster and more efficiently.

We understand that not every homeowner or contractor is interested in tackling a home renovation project such as installing crown moulding, wainscoting or fireplace mantels. When you want to hire a proven installation team, have confidence knowing that NextDay Moulding is the industry standard for the highest quality materials and finest craftsmen—insuring every crown moulding installation job is executed precisely the way you want.

Featured Article: How to Install Crown Moulding Yourself
Crown moulding is one of the lowest cost home renovation improvements you can make with the greatest impact and highest return on investment. The addition of crown molding enables you to transform any ordinary living space bringing it a new life, charm and elegance. The installation of crown moulding can certainly be a do it yourself type of improvement. However, if you've decided to take on your own crown moulding installation project there are some guides you should follow to make your job run smoother and avoid material waste.

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How do I proceed with getting my custom crown moulding installed?

Once you are satisfied with your moulding or crown moulding selections, our professionals will plan, measure, and immediately create an accurate estimate of your project. Upon acceptance of our services, our team of highly trained installation specialists will custom fabricate your design in our advanced-technology shop. At your earliest convenience, our installers will return to complete your project.

We are more than just contractors or your average finish carpenters.
We take pride in specializing in the installation of crown moulding, base boards, door frames, and window frames. Our state-of-the-art installation tools and techniques enable us to perform the majority of the work in our shop minimizing disruption and dust during the actual moulding installation. An added benefit of our technologically-advanced installation procedures assure our customers tremendous value, low cost, and complete satisfaction with the end result.

Our turn key installations also include painting or staining so you don’t have to hire another contractor or spend more time to complete your project. We will help you transform any home or office quickly and easily with elegant crown moulding, stylish wainscot and chair rail, fireplace mantle or new base boards. Turn ordinary doorways into beautifully cased openings, and plain windows into charming outlooks.

With a simple phone call you can take the first step to adding elegance and value to any home.
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